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Personal Project time at casa de Leah

Filed in Personal — January 23, 2017

I don’t know about you, but some days the creative juices either dry up, take a rain check, or literally leave the building (so to speak).  It terms of wedding photography, it doesn’t mean that we become horrible photographers within a matter of minutes.  IMO, every now and then self doubt creeps in or maybe you’re just stuck in a small, ocean-sized rut.

And don’t get me wrong, sometimes being stuck in a rut is seriously the best way to acknowledge your surroundings and grow either in what you do, or who you are!

Moving on…this morning was such a day for me.  As I was sitting here, in my rut, I thought of all the times that I wanted to edit a wedding photo a certain way, but didn’t because it wouldn’t match my style.  I want to always provide my clients with a product that is beautiful and consistent, but that sometimes doesn’t translate to experimentation and maybe (my mistake), growing as a photographer.

What I did, was run around my house snapping a few things and selecting a few images from weddings that I have already photographed in 2017 and I edited them in a way that inspired me at the time.  This led to the (totally genius) idea to start a new Instagram account, one still filled with photography, but with more of a personal touch…come check it out: @leeleelovepics

Thanks very much for listening and if you’re feeling bored, uninspired or meh, then I suggest putting your big girl underpants on and trying something new, do it!

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Leah Cruikshank is a Queensland Wedding and Elopement Photographer who loves to photograph weddings in a real and honest way, with a personally crafted elegant, romantic style.