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Neil & Leeana

Filed in Engagement/Couples, Portraits — July 18, 2016

This is Neil & Leeana, they’re amazing…

Neil_Leeana_0001 Neil_Leeana_0002 Neil_Leeana_0003 Neil_Leeana_0004 Neil_Leeana_0005 Neil_Leeana_0006 Neil_Leeana_0007 Neil_Leeana_0008 Neil_Leeana_0009 Neil_Leeana_0010 Neil_Leeana_0011 Neil_Leeana_0012 Neil_Leeana_0013 Neil_Leeana_0014 Neil_Leeana_0015 Neil_Leeana_0016 Neil_Leeana_0017 Neil_Leeana_0018 Neil_Leeana_0019 Neil_Leeana_0020 Neil_Leeana_0021 Neil_Leeana_0023 Neil_Leeana_0024 Neil_Leeana_0025 Neil_Leeana_0026 Neil_Leeana_0027 Neil_Leeana_0028 Neil_Leeana_0029 Neil_Leeana_0030

Leah Cruikshank is a Queensland Wedding and Elopement Photographer who loves to photograph weddings in a real and honest way, with a personally crafted elegant, romantic style.