My Style and Approach

Hi I’m Leah, a Toowoomba Wedding Photographer that travels Australia-wide for weddings.  I love this thought; for every wedding already photographed, there was first a great story to be told.  Every wedding is a unique story worthy to be told and as photographers, we have a great responsibility in telling that story.  My passion is to capture a wedding day story in a real and honest way, with a soft and romantic touch.

Firstly let me start by saying, I believe it is more important to enjoy your wedding day, more-so than having amazing photos! Your wedding day absolutely 100% needs to be enjoyed by everyone…and then cherished for a lifetime. That’s where I come in!

I want to capture your wedding day
as a story, so photograph it exactly as it happens. For most of the day you will forget that I am even there, I will just be capturing the real and honest moments as they happen without interfering or controlling in any way. Although, I will always be there to
lend a hand if it is needed (I am quite experienced at putting on lapel owers and doing up wedding dress buttons).

For a small amount of your day, I
will give some direction in organising family photos and bridal party portraits. Even though I give direction for these photos, I still want the photos to be natural, relaxed and have lots of feeling and emotion – the best photos happen when you are being yourselves and in the moment. I promise!

Some words that people have used to describe my style are: romantic, moody, soft, elegant and natural.

If this all sounds great and right up your alley, then I can’t wait to work with you!


Leah Cruikshank is a Queensland Wedding and Elopement Photographer who loves to photograph weddings in a real and honest way, with a personally crafted elegant, romantic style.