About Me


A little bit about me

[flo_one_half padding=”20px 20px 20px 20px” class=”” ] Hello and a massive, MASSIVE welcome, my name is Leah!

I will start by giving you a bit of my back story.  I started my working life working in law firms until I went on a trip to China in 2009, and it was there that I finally had the mighty flash of inspiration to start my very own photography business.

I started growing my photography business in 2011 and I have to admit, I definitely made the right choice in career!  I mean what could be better than getting to spend time with awesome people on the happiest day of their lives?

And what makes it even better and extremely rewarding, is finishing a wedding day story and sending it off to beautiful couples for them to cherish forever. [/flo_one_half] [flo_one_half padding=”20px 20px 20px 20px” class=”” ] Like a lot of people, I am also a girl blessed with a beautiful family and some truly amazing friends.  Which means that I completely understand cherishing memories and connections – which is so dang important when I consider the huge responsibility of capturing precious memories for my clients.

I currently live in Toowoomba, Queensland (because it is a beautiful city with a country-town feel), but I love and absolutely will travel for weddings.

So, welcome!  Grab a coffee and a comfy chair and take some time to look through the weddings that I have photographed.  If my style of storytelling appeals to you, then I would absolutely love to hear from you! [/flo_one_half]

Leah Cruikshank is a Queensland Wedding and Elopement Photographer who loves to photograph weddings in a real and honest way, with a personally crafted elegant, romantic style.